Tonik is a WordPress Starter Theme which aims to modernize, organize and enhance some aspects of WordPress theme development.

Take a look at what is waiting for you:


Tonik Starter Theme follows WordPress recommended requirements. Make sure you have all these dependences installed before moving on:

Understanding Starter Assumptions

Today, WordPress theme development is pretty rough. Starter aims to introduce some standardized and comfortable ways for creating advanced WordPress powered websites. However, you have to understand where it works the best. Here are some answers that can be helpful:

Just starting the PHP and WordPress adventure?

Probably not. It favors modern and advanced concepts. We do not discourage you but, grow as the developer and come back you will appreciate it twice.

Creating a theme which will be widely distributed (e.g. through repository)?

No. Strong reliance on modern toolsets like Composer, NPM or Webpack requires a hight web development knowledge. It wasn’t designed for casual use in mind.

Creating an advanced website, which will be continuously developed?

Definitely. Better organization, readable structures, patterns and modern principles. Your team will love it, just dig in into the documentation.

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