Enhance your WordPress theme development workflow

Tonik WordPress Starter Theme

What’s inside?


WordPress Starter Theme which aims to modernize and organize some aspects of theme development.


Foundation of the Tonik WordPress Starter Theme. Provides all custom functionalities which it offers.


Simple Command Line Interface for initiating themes based on Tonik WordPress Starter Theme.

What to expect?

Enhanced Templating
 support for passing data

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use function App\Theme\template;

template('button', [
  'title' => 'Click me!',
  'href' => home_url()

Webpack for managing, compiling
and optimizing asset files

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# Commands for compiling and optimizing
# scripts, stylesheets, and images.
$ npm run development
$ npm run production
$ npm run watch

Oriented for building
 with Actions and Filters

Learn more about workflow

namespace App\Theme\Setup;

add_action('theme/post/thumbnail', function () {
// @ resources/templates/index.tpl.php

<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post() ?>
  <?php do_action('theme/post/thumbnail') ?>
<?php endwhile ?>

What’s unique?

Utilizes PHP

Simple Theme Service

Child Theme friendly

 theme's configs

Sounds interesting?

Explore our documentation and build your first theme

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 the team at Tonik

We’re a group of seasoned designers and developers, working with both startups (from San Francisco’s prestigous Y Combinator, to the Berlin-based Axel-Springer acceletator) and well established businesses from all over the world.

Whether we’re building MVPs using the Google Design Sprint, or scaling up your existing product,
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